A Six Year Old with a Secret

6 yo Explosion

A six year old with a secret is like a bomb about to explode.

Has anyone else noticed that when all the kids are together, there is inevitable fighting?  Remove one child, it doesn’t matter which one, and there is peace.  It was like this when we had 3 children and the same with 4.  I also remember it being the same when I was a kid.

I have to take the van in to get fixed this afternoon and you can imagine I don’t want to take all 4 boys with me on this task.  The last time I had to do that, let’s just say some tires got knocked over and a large cardboard sign took a dive.  Thank goodness the kind manager was a father of 6…yes 6…boys. Yes, 6 boys.  He just chuckled and offered us a ride to the mall which I gladly accepted.

So rather than take the whole brood, Computer Boy jumped at the chance to babysit.  Me in my wisdom knows that if I take one of the small ones with me, there will be peace at home.  And one small child is much easier to wrangle than 4.

So 6 yo Tiger Boy gets to come with me.  He feels like he might miss out on some fun at home with the big brothers so I have to make a trip with Mommy more enticing.  So he’ll get a treat.  He wanted to keep the treat a secret probably because he know it will drive the big brothers nuts (fine by me because if he told them, they would all would want to come).

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