About Us

The Fam

We are a Jesus loving, homeschooling family with 4 crazy boys.  Noise covered in dirt is the perfect description of the boys in my house.

We live on a small hobby farm in the middle of Nowheresville, Northern US (how’s that for vague?) with plus or minus 20 chickens, a cow and a bunch of mouse hunting kittens.  Dirt bike riding, BB gun shooting, sledding, geocaching, taekwondoing, you know, everything boy, is what goes on at our place (and yes, video game playing too).

Computer Boy, age 12, is all about electronics.  I suspect he’ll be the next Bill Gates.

Ninja Boy, age 10, getting ready to test for his black belt in ATA taekwondo.

Tiger Boy, age 6, is a fierce little guy.  Don’t let his sweet face fool you!

Cuddlebug, age 2.5, loves to cuddle!  I’ll cherish the cuddles for this short time.