Book Review and Giveaway: Why Is Milk White?

I love books written by children!  This is a fun collaboration between 11 yo Alexa Coelho and her chemist neighbor Simon Quellen Field.  Alexa came up with a whole bunch of chemistry type questions and asked her neighbor to answer them for her.  The result is a book of great questions most kids would likely ask (and a number I wouldn’t have thought of) answered in a way that is easy for everyone to understand, including chemistry challenged me.

Questions like “Why does salt water make metal rust faster?” and “Why do people tap on their soda cans before opening them?”  Complex questions to simple every day questions.

It also includes different science projects you can do to help you understand the questions and answers better.  Good hands on experience.  Paper chromatography, make your own bouncy ball, copper catalyst and more!

We’re planning on reading at least one of the questions a day.  Since there are over 200 of them, that will fill up a good school year.

So for the giveaway… Open for 1 week, March 11- March 18th.  I’ll give you a few different ways to enter.  Winner will receive a copy of the book mailed to them.  Good luck!
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