Orange “Coloration”

Dragon Boy (4): Mom! Come look at my orange coloration!

He excitedly pulls me over to the table to show me his orange “coloration”. Instead of trying to figure out what the picture is, I like to ask him to tell me about it. This is the story of Dragon Boy’s orange coloration.

“It’s […]

A Boy and His Cowboy Boots

“Go get your shoes on.”

“Dey not shoes!”

“Then find your boots.”

“Dey not boots. Dey Cowboy Boots!”


Publicly Embarrassing Kid Stories


I love purity of children. They and zero social restraint, say what thing think, nothing holding them back. But this leads to some interesting situations when going out in public.

Computer Boy

If you read our potty training story Get On the Potty Train, you’ll know Computer Boy and Ninja Boy were late […]

Elephants in North Dakota

We live on a small hobby farm with a cow, chickens and a family of mice slayers. The 3 older boys are all old enough to help take turns caring for the animals. They switch off every day.

Yesterday we were talking about who was going to do […]

I don’t wike you.

Photo Courtesy of Heidi Lindsay, Timeless Xpressions

Small one comes up, gives me the sweetest hug and a kiss then says with the most sincerity, “Mom, I don’t wike you.”

I smile and say, “I like you too.”

Good thing I speak fluent toddler-ese.