Give Yourself a Break, Stop Folding These Things

Doing laundry for 6 people, especially when 5 of the 6 people are dirty, stinky boys, is a daunting task. I wrote a little about how I keep sane with my laundry routine here: Taming the Laundry Beast. I’ll do whatever I can to make the laundry process easier.

I’m not anal about many […]

Organized Packing for a Family

Organized Packing for Families

I’m going to pass the secret to packing that I got from my grandma. She was the mother of 9 so she knew what she was doing. Nice, tidy, little rolls of clothing. Everything you need to wear for one day in a roll.

I make these clothing rolls not only because they are […]

Taming the Laundry Beast

How much laundry does a family with 4 boys and 2 grown ups make? Almost sounds like the beginning of a joke and sometimes it seems like it is a joke. A joke on me. It’s quite an amazing amount especially in the summer when they are outside all day and uber stinky and […]