Getting Your Hyperactive Child to Calm Himself

This is how you’ll usually find Dragon Boy. Upside-down or blurred.

My mom gave me this advice years ago when Computer Boy was an out of control crazy little boy. I was reminded of this advice this morning when I received a comment on my last blog post about “Disrespectful Little Brat or Over-Stimulated […]

Disrespectful Little Brat or Overstimulated Little Boy

I want to share with you a little experience I had with Dragon Boy at a concert not too long ago.

Don’t you love it when your parenting skills are called into question in a very public way? That’s kind of what happened. We took the boys to a concert, Stolen Silver (who was […]

A Day in the Life of This Homeschool Family

I get asked a lot how our homeschool day goes so I thought I would just put it all in a post for an easy place to direct people to.

6am: Rise and shine! I jump out of bed with a smile on my face. Take a shower, get dressed and am ready to […]

Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

One thing I’ve been wanting to do with this blog for a while is to share a weekly devotional. The thing is, I’m not very good at being serious. I guess I could do a goofy devotional, but I just haven’t felt it yet.

So I called on Husbeast who is much better at […]

No, We’re Not Trying For a Girl.

We get many comments when we take out troops out in public all together. Some are funny and do make me laugh. “Starting your own football team?” Some make me smile, “I raised 5 boys too. Boys are such a joy!”

Some make me think, “Did you really just say that in front of […]