Everybody Farts

In the spirit of keeping things real, I’m going to tell you an embarrassing story that involves me.

I wasn’t going to share this but I realized, if it was one of the boys, I wouldn’t hesitate to share. So if they get upset about me sharing embarrassing stories about them, I can point […]

The Shower

Bath time. Aah, 15 mins of uninterrupted me time… Yeah right.

Remember way back when, when showers and baths were relaxing and pleasant experiences? Me neither. It was so long ago. A shower post kids goes something like this:

First comes convincing me he needs to join me in the shower, “I […]

I Haffa Go Pee!

It’s kind of like the sequel to “I Haffa Go Poop!”

So we made it though out last trip without too much trouble. I made sure we left the house after 2 yo Cuddlebug did his business to hopefully avoid a poop mess like we had on the last trip.

But of course it […]

The Boy Who Cried Poop

He’s lucky he’s cute.

If you missed the car poop story, check it out here: I haffa go poop!

Let this be a warning to you. While stopping every five minutes is annoying, it’s better than cleaning up a poopy kid in a gas station restroom with no wet wipes.

I’m not a horrible […]

I haffa go poop!

Don’t let this sleeping angel face fool you.

The joys of traveling with a 2 yo…

“I haffa go poop! I haffa go poop! I haffa go pooOooOOoop!”

Cue screaming and writhing for a few minutes while I frantically search for a place to stop.

Finally, a gas station. Put socks and shoes back […]