What’s Red and Tastes Like Dirt?

Not really a joke, but if you asked my boys that, they would all say beets. None of them inherited my beet lover gene. I’ve always loved beets. Even as a kid. Give me a bowlful of pickled beets next to my liver and onions and I was one happy girl.

I thought I would […]

Adventures in Play Dough

If I make a confession, will you think less of me?

I hate play dough. It makes such a mess and, well, isn’t that enough reason? I might be one of the only moms on the planet who has not only not made their kids play dough but have never bought it […]

The Legendary Beans of Tasty Awesomeness


Didn’t you know dinosaurs eat beans? Well, in my house they do.

10 yo Ninja Boy named these beans. He likes them. A lot. And I guess dinosaurs like them too. With a name like Legendary Beans of Tasty Awesomeness, how could you not like them? It gets 3 out of […]

Banana Egg Pancakes

That’s the recipe, banana and egg. So simple, I felt a little bad typing it up and calling it a recipe. Remember when I said kids like things simple? (9 Things My Kids Taught Me About Food)

I discovered this gold nugget back when Computer Boy (#1) was a toddler. I’ve yet […]