A Year in Review: 2013

What happens when cousins get together? You get a big pile of boy.

Noise Covered in Dirt celebrates its first birth day on January 18th so this post is more like a life in review. I started Noise Covered in Dirt on a whim while on vacation to visit family in Minnesota. 10 hours […]

Breaking News: Mom Nearly Killed in a Cup Avalanche


Don’t worry, I’m ok. I was able to escape with just minor injuries.

The cup battle is a big one in our house. I’ve tried using color coded cups and simply telling them to reuse their cups. I’ve even come close to breaking down and buying disposable cups. Yes, my sanity is more […]

Why I Choose to Homeschool

I get asked this a lot. A lot. Why do I homeschool?

So many reason. So many. But what it really came down to was time. You see, I like my kids. I like being around them. I like being the prime influence in their lives. I like seeing what they do, answering their questions, […]

Cowboy Song

I brought my ukulele along on our road trip, mostly to keep my fingers in shape and also to help pass the time. Driving through Utah in the desert, this song just seemed appropriate.

Ee-ee-yo-ee-yo cowboy, Ee-ee-yo-ee-yo ooh ooh ooh ooh, Ee-ee-yo-ee-yo cowboy, cowboy, cowboy, Under the moon.

I was riding my horse, (widing my […]

A Six Year Old with a Secret

A six year old with a secret is like a bomb about to explode.

Has anyone else noticed that when all the kids are together, there is inevitable fighting? Remove one child, it doesn’t matter which one, and there is peace. It was like this when we had 3 children and the same with […]