Science Experiment: Finding the Center of Mass

We usually do a little science experiment every week (sometimes more, sometimes less). We were reading about center of mass (or center of gravity) today and the suggested experiment looked quick and easy, and we had all the materials. Those are the 3 key factors for us to do experiments. We save the more complicated […]

Candle Powered Heater Flower Pot Heater

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Is it frickin’ freezing where you are? We are just pulling out of our cold snap and might even see 0F. Sunday’s high was -21F and yesterday we spiked the thermometer at -10F and it almost felt warm.

At -10F, the house heaters are able […]

Fun in the Cold

It’s negative nasty here. Seriously, if you think it’s cold where you are, don’t whine to me unless you hit colder than -30F because that’s how cold it got here last night. The high yesterday, as in highest temperature of the day, was -20F. Not to mention the evil wind that makes it feel colder […]

Got Worms? Make a Worm Compost Farm Out of Buckets.

Worm compost sure sound like a boy thing, doesn’t it? Funny thing though, the only one really interested in having a worm farm in my house is me. The only girl.

Worms are fascinating! Sure I don’t like to touch them, but I love the great compost they make. I always get excited and […]

Gross Nasty Things Under the Microscope

My most favorite homeschooling tool is our microscope. I can hook it up to our computer so everyone can look at the same time and I can capture pictures and video. Extra awesome.

Today we raided the vermicompost bin for some interesting subjects. Vermicompost is a worm bin. The worms eat our kitchen scraps and […]