A Day in the Life of This Homeschool Family

A Day in the Life of This Homeschool Family

I get asked a lot how our homeschool day goes so I thought I would just put it all in a post for an easy place to direct people to.

6am: Rise and shine! I jump out of bed with a smile on my face. Take a shower, get dressed and am ready to go.

6:30: Devotion with my coffee.  Gotta start the day right!

7am: Wake up kids and have breakfast.  You know, the usually, bacon, eggs, and a stack of pancakes. We’ll do our family devotion during this time before Husbeast heads off to work at 7:30.

8am (after the kitchen is cleaned and the dishes put in the dishwasher which I unloaded the night before):We start with math drills. Great way to get the brain going. I do them too.

9am: Phone rings but I ignore it.  It is school time after all. We break for chores. Best to get them done early rather than later.


Ok, now all of my friends who know me in real life are on the floor crying because they are laughing so hard. Yeah, that’s not even close to what my day actually looks like. No offense to those whose days do resemble the above. More power to ya!


7:30: Husbeast comes into the bedroom to say good-bye for the day. I roll over and wave.

7:40: Since Husbeast woke me, I can’t go back to sleep so I drag myself out of bed and stumble to the Keurig. Thank God for the Keurig. I don’t know how I survived in years past without my 2 minute coffee.

7:42: Stumble to the couch with my coffee. Open my computer and look through Facebook, opening articles to read later when I’m actually awake. Once the caffeine has hit my bloodstream, I’ll open my email and start reading articles.

7:43: Notice Ninja Boy (11) is already up and doing his math. He obviously doesn’t take after me.

8:30: Ninja Boys says, “Mom, come on, let’s get going on school!” Seriously, where did this kid come from? Me, “Your brothers aren’t awake yet. We’ll do the rest of the stuff when they are up. Why don’t you read for now.”

9am: Holy crap! How did it get so late in the morning already?! 2 of the kids are still asleep so I just keep doing what I’m doing. I saw a hilarious video of cats harassing dogs.

9:30: Tiger Boy (7) wakes up. Ninja Boy is happy because we can get some more school done. Once Tiger Boy blinks the sleep out of his eyes, we review our Classical Conversations stuff and talk about/look up anything they have questions about.

10am: Ok, my conscience is getting to me. 3 kids are awake. Time to wake the teen, eat breakfast and do something productive.

11am: He finally wakes up (yeah, I didn’t wake him, got distracted by the phone).

12pm: Eat breakfast…err, lunch.

12:30: Ok, seriously guys, we gotta get some stuff done. Everyone get your math out! Math drills really are a great way to get your brain going. I should have done math drills instead of staring at Facebook.

1pm: Language Arts/ Grammar time (yes, I sing Hammer Time every time I say it). Each boys has their own binder with different sections. Kind of like this http://www.halfahundredacrewood.com/2013/05/our-classical-notebook.html. We use dry erase markers on page protectors so I’m not printing off a million sheets of paper a week. Love it!

2pm: Science. We’ll do a mish-mash of different things.  First reading out of our science book (we are currently using Answers in Genesis which I love!) and then we’ll find extra stuff online, usually videos, to further expand what we read earlier. Or sometimes not.

3pm: History. Similar to science, we first read a section in our history curriculum (Story of the World), verbally go over the questions and look up things online or in books to expand on what we learned.

4pm: Yikes! How did it get so late? Well, we got the basics covered. Time to let the beasts loose to do as they please.

4:30: Call back the troops because I forgot to tell them to do their chores earlier. Much groaning ensues.

5pm: Whoops! I forgot to have the boys read on their own for 30 mins (a challenging book of their choosing).

Ok, so that example might be a bit of an exaggeration (or not). But I do have more days like that than I would care to have. So what is the point of this blog post? To make all of you other homeschoolers feel better about not being the perfect homeschooling family. You’re welcome.

Oh and before ya’ll think Ninja Boy is some genius child addicted to school, he just knows he’s not allowed to play Minecraft until school is done.

2 comments to A Day in the Life of This Homeschool Family

  • Rachel

    Love this!I have a ninja boy who gets very motivated when game time is involved! Sounds very like our day on a productive one.

  • Abbey

    Just stumbled upon your blog. Oh. My. Goodness. Love it! CC homeschooling mama of three hoodlums myself. Nice to be reminded that one is not alone. Your post on folding laundry was fantastic. Over the course of the last year I have finally surrendered the Keep-Boys-Clothes-Folded-And-In-Drawers-Neatly-Battle. Very liberating. :-)

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