Give Yourself a Break, Stop Folding These Things

Just Say No to Pointless Folding

Doing laundry for 6 people, especially when 5 of the 6 people are dirty, stinky boys, is a daunting task. I wrote a little about how I keep sane with my laundry routine here: Taming the Laundry Beast. I’ll do whatever I can to make the laundry process easier.

I’m not anal about many things but there are a few. My closet is indeed arranged by color according to Roy G. Biv. And the hangers have to be white or my brain will explode. The cord on my hair dryer and immersion blender have to be wrapped just so to avoid kinking the cord. I only care about those two devices because they are the only two things I have complete control over (Lord help Husbeast when he uses either of them and puts them away incorrectly). And folding clothes or towels. My skin crawls when the towels are folded wrong. It seriously gives me the heebie jeebies.

While I will hold onto my first two obsessions with all that I can because they are mine and mine alone, the third I’m learning (very difficultly) to let go of. I can’t fold all the clothes and towels in the house, keep them neatly folded until they are used again, and keep my sanity at the same time.

(In case anyone is wondering, the only correct way to fold a towel is to stand up holding the narrow corners. Fold in thirds. Then in half and in half again. Don’t try arguing with me, there is no other correct way.)

So today, I’m going to talk about folding. Or rather, not folding.

Things I’ve stopped folding:

Underwear. Really? Does anyone care if your underwear are wrinkled. This was my first step in overcoming my folding obsession. I could not argue with the futility of folding underwear.

Pajamas. Again, who cares if your pajamas are wrinkled. Your husband? Probably not. The only pajamas they notice are the lack of pajamas.
Just Say No to Pointless Folding

Kitchen Towels and washcloths. Stuff them in a nice cloth basket. Easy Peasy. Even though I really couldn’t care less if my bath or hand towels are wrinkled, they do take up considerably less room if they are folded neatly (and look nice on my shelf or hanging on a rod). So those do get folded.

Children’s cloths. Period. At first I balked at the thought of not folding their clothes but then I pictured what their drawers looked like anyway. Previously folded clothes, now mostly unfolded and stuffed in a drawer. I could supervise them putting away clothes but, yeah, that’s not going to happen. If we need wrinkle free clothes, they get ironed. Just like before when I was folding them only to have them wadded up in a drawer. I tell my older boys, if they want wrinkle free clothes, they can fold them themselves.

Fitted sheets. I’ve seen videos going around showing how to fold them neatly. I’ve even seen a video on how to iron … IRON, and fold a fitted sheet. I don’t have the time, space, or an ounce of desire to do it that way. Here is my simple method. Wad it up and shove it in a pillow case. In case that description isn’t enough, here is a video on how to do it (kind of my video response to those other videos). You’re welcome.

Save time and energy. Just say no to pointless folding.

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