Gross Nasty Things Under the Microscope

My most favorite homeschooling tool is our microscope.  I can hook it up to our computer so everyone can look at the same time and I can capture pictures and video.  Extra awesome.

Today we raided the vermicompost bin for some interesting subjects.  Vermicompost is a worm bin.  The worms eat our kitchen scraps and turn it into garden awesomeness.

First up, a baby worm.  This one isn’t alive anymore :-(  They are pretty delicate at this stage.  To the naked eye, it looks like just a wisp of hair.

baby worm




Then we looked at this monster.  After digging around on google, I believe these are spider mites.  Ewww!  I’m ok with the worms but the spider mites give me the willies.  Before I noticed they were moving, I thought they were worm eggs.

compost bug

For the faint of heart, you might not want to watch this video.  Cuddlebug yelled, “Monster!” when he saw it.  Brave boy wasn’t scared at all.


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