I Haffa Go Pee!

I got this.

It’s kind of like the sequel to “I Haffa Go Poop!”

So we made it though out last trip without too much trouble.  I made sure we left the house after 2 yo Cuddlebug did his business to hopefully avoid a poop mess like we had on the last trip.

But of course it can’t be completely free of trouble. As we are passing a rest stop (I did not ask if anyone needed to stop because we just did), Cuddlebug yells out, “I haffa go poop.” To which I reply under my breath, “Are you kidding me?”   It’s the only rest stop for at least half an hour.  There isn’t even a town coming up any time soon.  Of course he announces he has to poop now.

We sing songs to try to distract him while he’s kicking and screaming (and singing).  Finally a town comes into view and the van is quiet.

Yep, he fell asleep.

Now comes the conundrum.  Do I wake him?  Do I pray he sleeps and doesn’t poop his pants?  I ask him somewhat loudly if he needs to go poop but he’s out.  Ok, I pass the town and hope he sleeps until we come to another.  He might wake up between the vast stretches of land between towns and start screaming again.  I’m kicking myself for not bringing the potty.

He wakes up and is fine.  I ask at the next town if he needs to go and he just has to pee.  We’re good. For a while.

He’s been playing the iPad for some time now when he starts machine gun screaming,”I haffa go pee! I haffa go pee! I haffa go pee.” Which then turns into a chant, “I. Haffa. Go. Pee! I. Haffa. Go. Pee!”

He was too caught up in his game playing to realize he had to pee until the very last moment.

I’m looking for a place to pull over when I here this from him:

“I got this, Mom. I pee in my pants.  I got this.”

Well good. He’s got this.

I’m washing a car seat cover tomorrow.


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