Kicking it!

Ninja Boy practicing his game face.

Ninja Boy practicing his game face.

The destination of our road trip was a regional taekwondo tournament.  Three of us were competing, 10 yo Ninja Boy of course and 6 yo Tiger Boy and me.  Yes, me.  I can’t let the boys have all the fun now can I?

Song Ahm 1

First up was Tiger Boy.  Tiger Boy knows his form but nerves got the best of him.  Just a little help from the judge got his confidence back up.

Next up was Ninja Boy.  He’s been working hard on his form for many months now.  He’s getting ready for his black belt testing which will be hopefully sometime this coming year.  So proud of him.  While he didn’t place in forms, he did an excellent job.  The best I’ve seen him do.  He gave it his all in sparring and combat weapon sparring.  He came away with 2nd place in weapons form.  Go Ninja Boy!


Their feet are cuter than mine.

Me?  How did I do?  Well, let’s just say someone has to take last place.  I choked big time on my form.  I kept getting brain farts and in the middle of a jump round kick, I forgot which leg I was kicking with.  Yeah, it was bad.  At least I gave ’em hell in sparring.  Didn’t place but still had a blast.

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