Breaking News: Mom Nearly Killed in a Cup Avalanche

"Please get a new cup every time you need a drink of water," said no mom ever.


Don’t worry, I’m ok.  I was able to escape with just minor injuries.

The cup battle is a big one in our house.  I’ve tried using color coded cups and simply telling them to reuse their cups.  I’ve even come close to breaking down and buying disposable cups. Yes, my sanity is more important than an overflowing landfill. (I’m kidding, it’s not but it is close).

One of my readers (Kari) commented on one of my Facebook posts with the most brilliant thing.  She uses mason jars and writes everyone’s name on the jar with permanent marker.  Permanent marker isn’t permanent on glass.  It comes off with just a little scrubbing but it doesn’t wipe off as easily as a dry erase marker will.


Why a mason jar?  Well, mostly because I already have halfa gazillion jars and they are pretty darn durable.  Plus I have a bit of a plastic-phobia.  I don’t want my boys growing boobs from all of the xenoestrogens leaching out into their beverage. You can also get some great screw on lids like these **affiliate link, purchasing from these links will create a small commission helping me keep Noise Covered in Dirt running**:

So I hid all the plastic cups (I might just throw them away), gave them each one mason jar and told them to use their cup.  Their cup gets washed at the end of the day and their name written again.  Brilliant!

Sometimes it’s the little things in life…


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