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Is it frickin’ freezing where you are? We are just pulling out of our cold snap and might even see 0F.  Sunday’s high was -21F and yesterday we spiked the thermometer at -10F and it almost felt warm.

At -10F, the house heaters are able to keep up just fine, especially with the sun shining during the day.  But when it gets colder than that and there is wind, it can get chilly in the house.  I saw this little trick a few weeks back and thought we’d give it a shot.

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Fun in the Cold

It’s negative nasty here.  Seriously, if you think it’s cold where you are, don’t whine to me unless you hit colder than -30F because that’s how cold it got here last night.  The high yesterday, as in highest temperature of the day, was -20F.  Not to mention the evil wind that makes it feel colder than it actually is. What does -60F feel like? I don’t know, I refused to go outside when it was that cold.

At the time of this video, it was -12F and the wind had calmed down.  It almost felt warm… almost, not quite.

We thought we would do a little experiment today to see if the temperature of the water mattered when making an ice vapor cloud.  It does, it really really does.

Tiger Boy is manning the cold cup, Ninja Boy is in charge of the warm water and I took the boiling water. Computer Boy and Dragon Boy manned the camera.

Uh, so no one told me that one of my pant legs was up.  And yes, I’m wearing my pajamas pants.  I did put a sweater on. And no, Ninja Boy forgot to grab his hat and decided to put a light jacket on.  We were 10 steps away from the door so I let it slide.  We were only out for 2 minutes, maybe. It’s only -12F anyway, not that cold :-)

Before we went outside, we made our hypotheses.  It wasn’t really much of a discussion because we’ve thrown boiling water before.  We’ve just never thrown cold water or warm water. The three older boys all guessed that the boiling water would make the best cloud, the warm water would make a small cloud and the cold water would not make a cloud.

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Teaching Respect With Respect

Teaching Respect With Respect

I almost jokingly entitled this “Dealing with Back Talk From Those Pesky Teens” but I didn’t want to confuse people with my sarcasm. What’s wrong with that title? I’ll explain a little later on.

I have a 13 who looks like he’s 15.  He just surpassed me in height and that says a lot because I’m not short.  I started wearing heels more often just to make sure I stay taller than him a little longer.  I might make him shave his head soon too (I jest, I’d never force him to cut his hair).

We began struggling with him talking back to us not too long ago.  It really took me by surprise because he’s normally a very respectful, mild mannered child.  I think that is where I went wrong.  I’ve still been thinking of him as a child.

We were at taekwondo camp this last week and he was picking out his nunchucks, or numb-chucks as all my kids insist on calling them (sahng ja bong for those in the know) and he grabbed a child sized pair.  I told him, “Put those ones back.  You’re an adult.”  Those words stopped me cold.  You’re an adult.  Holy crap!  He’s not a child, he’s a young adult.  When did that happen?!

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A Year in Review: 2013

What happens when cousins get together?  You get a big pile of boy.

What happens when cousins get together? You get a big pile of boy.

Noise Covered in Dirt celebrates its first birth day on January 18th so this post is more like a life in review.  I started Noise Covered in Dirt on a whim while on vacation to visit family in Minnesota.  10 hours of nothing but time to think got me thinking, “It’s time to start a blog.” The idea of Noise Covered in Dirt had been on my mind for quite a long time, I just needed 10 hours of boring highway to flesh it out and a first story to write.  Some of my bestest funniest stories come from adventures on the road.  My first two stories I Haffa Go Poop! and The Boy Who Cried Poop were the reason I had to start this blog.  Stories like that need to be told. While those 2 stories did not make the top 10, here are the ones that did.

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Organized Packing for a Family

Organized Packing for Families

I’m going to pass the secret to packing that I got from my grandma.  She was the mother of 9 so she knew what she was doing. Nice, tidy, little rolls of clothing.  Everything you need to wear for one day in a roll.

I make these clothing rolls not only because they are convenient but they are compact, they keep clothes surprisingly wrinkle free and easily accessible.  I don’t know about your kids but if I were to fold their clothes and put them neatly in a suitcase, it would end up a big ball of crazy only a day into the trip.  This keeps that from happening.

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