Publicly Embarrassing Kid Stories

Public Embarrassment


I love purity of children.  They and zero social restraint, say what thing think, nothing holding them back.  But this leads to some interesting situations when going out in public.

 Computer Boy

If you read our potty training story Get On the Potty Train, you’ll know Computer Boy and Ninja Boy were late late potty trainers.  This story happened when Computer Boy was about 3.  He was slow to talk as well and was just beginning to put sentences together.  So while I was excited to finally hear him talk, these aren’t the words I wanted to hear.

We were out at a restaurant with some family, happily eating away.  Computer Boy was finished and was dancing at the edge of the table.

He stops dancing, grabs the edge of the table and assumes a very serious face.

In a much too loud voice he says, “Must. Push. Out. Poop!” with a loud grunt.

Thanks dude.


Tiger Boy

Tiger Boy has grown up in the country most of his life.  We also only have 1 bathroom for 6 people.  Since we live in the country, I don’t mind if the boys do their #1 business outside.  sometimes I make them go outside if they continue to miss the toilet.  Nothing says, “Stop peeing on my floor!” like having to pee outside in sub-zero temps.  Heck, urine, in moderation, is good for your garden (just don’t pee on the plants please).

So Tiger Boy has grown up thinking when he has to pee, he can just go regardless of where he is.  At home, no problem. In public?  Not so great.

We were visiting family in California and at Husbeast’s brother’s 40th birthday party.  Since it was the big 4-0, it was a big party.  Lots of people crammed in their backyard.  Tiger Boy was not quite 4 at the time.

He had to pee.

He went pee.

In front of EVERYONE.

Not once.

Not twice.

3 times!

He’s lucky he’s cute.  It didn’t help that everyone was laughing.  It only encouraged him.



Cuddlebug is smack dab in the middle of toddlerhood purity.  Says what he thinks and doesn’t give a darn.

We went out to eat after church yesterday.  He was finished and dancing near the table (my kids like to dance in restaurants I guess).

All of a sudden he yells, very loudly, “My wienie hurts!” and starts unbuttoning his pants.

Aye yai yai.

I was able to get to him before he pulled anything out, thank goodness.  A little adjustment and he was happy again.

Your Turn!

Tell me your embarrassing kid story in the comments!  I’m might share a couple more.


7 comments to Publicly Embarrassing Kid Stories

  • Chelsea

    My son is 3 and can’t pronounce his L’s yet.
    We are in the middle of Wal-mart and my son yells “Momma!!! Look at those fags!!! Look at those Fags!!!”
    I made sure to say loudly, “oh, you mean the flags? Yes, very nice Flags”

  • Cassi

    I have always been very open with my girls about breast feeding as have most of my friends through the years. When my oldest was about 2.5 and only very shortly weened, I had a friend who was still nursing her almost newborn. It was at this wonderful age of honesty and expression that she announced, in the middle of Walmart, at the top of her lungs that when she grew up she was going to feed her babies with her nipples. A very bright red me smiled and told her that made me happy and we continued our shopping.

  • kami

    This is one about my daughter, when she was 3-6 she believed that she had a pink house in Tennessee. She believed it with all her heart ( even though we lived in North Dakota. her name is rachael, but many times her father and I call her by her middle name Hannah. we were waiting to get a prescription filled and she had started to wander, I called out to her saying,” Hannah come sit down, it won’t be much longer.” She glares at me and says,” my name is Rachael.” i got a few looks from those around me. They obviously thought it strange that I didn’t know my child’s name. We wait a little longer and I say,” Rachael please stay close to mom, we will get to go home soon.” She replies,” but I want to go home to my house in Tennessee.” I’m sure people looked on the internet that night to see if there was a Rachael missing from Tennessee.

  • Amy G


    We too have only 1 bathroom for 7 people (and a 1000 sq ft house, but I digress). The guys also often go outside to do their business. We have designated spots, actually, around the yard. In fact, dh and I have to warn them to not go off the front porch, in case of deliveries or company, lol. Our 4 year old was convinced to train at age 2 because he wanted to pee outside like his brothers!

  • Oh, where to begin.
    My oldest once kept loudly inquiring as to what was on some poor teens face. He had acne and of course no subtle gestures or frantic whispers could make her stop asking…loudly…about it.

    There was also the time she had been collecting acorns and putting them in our stroller. As we were leaving the (very crowded) park she suddenly freezes and yells loudly, “Mom! I need to grab my nuts and hold them!”

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