I spend way too much time on really bad photoshopped pictures.

We’re watching a movie with firetrucks and Cuddlebug yells, “Shiretrucks! Shiretrucks!”

Daddy says, “It’s a firetruck driven by hobbits.”

3 comments to Shiretrucks!

  • I love it. Our 5 year old calls muffins “snuffins”. It’s so hard to correct him because it’s just too stinking cute.

    • Melanie

      That is too stinking cute! I don’t worry about correcting them (just say it the correct way myself). They figure it out all too soon.

      • I should have said that. I don’t actually correct him (as in “no, it’s muffins”), more like saying it the proper way. I would love to keep “snuffins” forever.

        By the way, I love your blog. It fits my boys so perfectly.

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