The Boy Who Cried Poop

He's lucky he's cute.

He’s lucky he’s cute.

If you missed the car poop story, check it out here: I haffa go poop!

Let this be a warning to you.  While stopping every five minutes is annoying, it’s better than cleaning up a poopy kid in a gas station restroom with no wet wipes.

I’m not a horrible mom.  I didn’t mean to ignore his pleas but after the last episode, I figured I had a little time.  You see, we had just stopped to eat dinner and he did his business there.  We had only been on the road 2 minutes.  2 minutes!  We weren’t even outside of the city limits.  I honestly was looking for a place to pull off but then he stopped yelling so I thought we were fine.

About 30 minutes later, he starts yelling that he has to pee.  I found a gas station within seconds of him yelling.  Grandma is traveling with us so I send her in while I battle the 1,000 mile per hour wind while chasing jackets that flew out of the van as we opened the doors.

I finish filling up the van and go in to check on things and Grandma needs help.  Lots of help.  Turns out his pleas to go poop earlier were serious.  He pooped his pants.  He hasn’t pooped his pants in well over a year so I don’t carry wet wipes with me anymore.  Oy. I should have waited in the van.

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