The Prank I Did Not Play

I have a horrible sense of humor.  Sometimes I get in trouble with it, sometimes I catch myself and prevent the trouble from happening.  When I do catch myself, I still like to tell the person to whom my humor was directed toward just so they can appreciate me not tricking them.

This conversation happened in my head.  I almost called Husbeast and left this message for him but decided that was a bad idea.

This is what would have been heard:

Voicemail Fail

“I’m leaving you (static) taking the kids (static) Bye.”

What would actually been said:

Voicemail fail

“I’m leaving you (alone for the weekend and I’m) taking the kids (to a taekwondo tournament.  Be back Monday, love you!) Bye.”

Too mean?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.  So instead of actually playing this trick on him, I just told him about it.


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