“She didn’t just photoshop her kids’ faces onto monkey’s bodies, did she?”  Oh yes she did.

Full moon.  The were-monkeys are here.  Once a month my children turn into those screaming poo flinging monkeys we see at the zoo.  What is with the full moon?!  Studies show over and over that there is no link (or at least no conclusive evidence, Moon Myths) but I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just coincidence but it sure seems like the crazies come out of my kids right around the full moon every month.  Or maybe the full-moon happens to coincide with PMS.  Or maybe once a month I just find an excuse for their were-monkey behavior. Or maybe all of the above.

It’s finally warming up here, the snow is melting (yes, we still have snow on April 26th and lots of it).  I booted them outside into the muddy mucky mess which I’m sure I’ll regret later after they track mud through the house.  But for right now the peace and quiet is worth it.

Do your children turn into were-monkeys on the full moon?

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  • kami

    When I was a new teachers the other teachers told me the kids got more wild the day before it was supposed to storm. They could always tell if there was a storm coming because of the kids behavior.

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