When Art Goes Not As Planned


I love this painting, “Snap the Whip” by Winslow Homer.  Did you ever play snap the whip when you were a kid?  Makes me wish we could run out right now in our bare feet and play.  It’ll have to wait until it warms up but in the meantime we might go play this game at the gym.

We’ve been learning about Winslow Homer in art.  I follow the art curriculum, Meet the Masters.  We’ve learned about Homer and looked a a whole bunch of his work.  We talked about focal points, color values, light and dark.  I had visions of my children standing in front of an easel, attempting to paint a beautiful scene.  Yeah, reality doesn’t ever look like I envision.

While we had fun looking at the paintings, drawings and wood block prints, doing the planned project didn’t go as expected.  They got bored after only a few minutes.

So I ditched the planned project and winged it.

Minecraft Cubes

Kirigami Minecraft!

We used a cube template from Donnayoung.org (cube template), colored them up, cut them out and folded them together.  It’ll take a while before we have enough cubes to build any thing.

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