A Year in Review: 2013

What happens when cousins get together?  You get a big pile of boy.

What happens when cousins get together? You get a big pile of boy.

Noise Covered in Dirt celebrates its first birth day on January 18th so this post is more like a life in review.  I started Noise Covered in Dirt on a whim while on vacation to visit family in Minnesota.  10 hours of nothing but time to think got me thinking, “It’s time to start a blog.” The idea of Noise Covered in Dirt had been on my mind for quite a long time, I just needed 10 hours of boring highway to flesh it out and a first story to write.  Some of my bestest funniest stories come from adventures on the road.  My first two stories I Haffa Go Poop! and The Boy Who Cried Poop were the reason I had to start this blog.  Stories like that need to be told. While those 2 stories did not make the top 10, here are the ones that did.

#1 10 Things to Never Say To Moms of Boys

#2 Got Worms? Make a Worm Compost Bin Out of Buckets

#3 Japanese Multiplication Trick

#4 Banana Egg Pancakes

#5 Get on the Potty Train!   My experience with potty training boys both the “wait until they are ready” method and “elimination communication”.

#6 Everybody Farts A Truly embarrassing story.

#7 Organized Packing For a Family

#8 You Know You’re a Mom of Boys When…

#9 What’s Red and Tastes Like Dirt

#10 Breastfeeding With Boys

#11 Public Embarrassing Kid Stories

#12 Mommy is Sick This post is why I chose 12 things instead of 10.  This is one of my most favorite posts of the year.

Happy New Year!

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